What makes Panama so Special?

Live in Panama

Live in Panama

Living in Panama surrounded of tropical rainforest and the canal, makes it an attraction for the world. This country is also home for many retirees, travelers and people who want to have a comfortable life. Panama has become the best place to live for more than 1,000 expatriates. These people have discovered that the country is full of amazing surprises.

What makes Living in Panama so special? In first place, the famous Panama Canal. This historic landmark is really sensible for the people around you. Being responsible for a large part of the country’s economy. Despite being a third world country, you can find large and modern skyscrapers and buildings in the capital. Not counting the medical advance comparable with the United States and Canada.

Many foreigners come to Panama for medical treatments and procedures. Visiting a specialist can cost from $ 10.00, the opposite of a medical consultation in the United States. Likewise, people can acquired health insurance for less than $ 60.00 per month. Medical prescriptions also have a very low cost, making medical expenses quite accessible.

 Some reasons why Living in Panama is ideal for retired people. 

Low cost of Living in Panama – Perhaps this is the reason why many people retire in Panama. Food, electricity and public healthcare are affordables. Many retirees are able to afford luxuries and many other things that are offered in an expensive way when they are in places like the USA or UK.

Booming – The expansion of the Canal has also been designed for the development of other infrastructures that will further give Panama an economic boost. New projects,  airports, power generation projects; in general, much more useful for the country. 

Modern healthcare – Panama healthcare system and great professionals are comparable to those in United States and Canada. The country, takes pride in its tourism. Many of the reasons can be attributed to specific medical problems that can be expensive in the USA Health care insurance can be as cheap as $ 60 a month, while a doctor’s visit costs only $ 10. 

Business Opportunities

However,  the country has grow enough attracting businessmen to the Panama lifestyle, there are many opportunities for the entrepreneur. For example, there are American retirees who have had their own businesses such as restaurants, coffee farms, cleaning services, hotels, and much more.

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These are some of the reasons that have caused a lot of possibilities to retire in Panama. There is still much to discover and see things for yourself. In this way, attract the American expats who are already living in Panama. See for yourself what makes it so well known and, without a doubt, one of the best places to retire.

 Panama Weather 

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Invest in Real Estate in Panama  

N? corporate or personal taxes ?nd f?n?n???l ?r?v???? These words ?r? music t? the ears of investors wanting t? purchase r??l estate ?n th? Panama r?g??n. Live in P?n?m? ?? th? ideal destination f?r investing and ?t? ?r?x?m?t? t? L?t?n Am?r???n m?rk?t? m?k?? ?t a ??rf??t l???t??n for world business operations.  


Fr?m a ??r??r?t? ?nv??tm?nt ??r????t?v?. Panama ?? a country IN b?tt?r shape f?n?n???ll? than ?t? C?ntr?l Am?r???n neighbors t? th? n?rth or south. Panama has a dollar-based economy ?nd ?t?bl? political ??tu?t??n, sustained b? th? P?n?m? Canal, Fr?? Tr?d? Z?n?, and international banking, many Fortune 500 ??m??n??? have r?l???t?d t? th? r?g??n. 


Th??? ?r? ??m? of the th?ng? th?t have dr?wn an l?t ?f p???l? to r?t?r? and Live in Panama. Nevertheless, there’ still ?? mu?h more to d????v?r ?nd ??? th?ng? thr?ugh ??ur ?wn ??r????t?v?.  

We can find nice beach projects on the Panamanian´s Pacific Coast. Next to the beaches, nice for rest, and also to enjoy all the amenities around. For example, Bijao, a luxury and relaxing beach community, with 7 swimming pool, golf designed by renowned architect Ron Garl. Perfect for a Panama lifestyle.

The architecture of Bijao has been inspired especially by the constructions typical of the construction of the Panama Canal, this paradise is located just 120 kilometers from the downtown of Panama City, with a beautiful beach club.

Accordingly, you will find a lot of fun in the bar Coco Solo or will enjoy a delicious meal in Bijao´s restaurant Bachu all as part of its exclusive beach club.

In Metro Realty we can give you a nice tour to Bijao as many other beach communities. Today, is the day! contact us now and we will help you to get to Live in Panama and to discover your next adventure!




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