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Purchase, Sale and Rent of Properties in Panama, to acquire a home of its own is the event that brings the greatest happiness to our family, since this is the beginning of a new stage in which real estate will be an important part of our lives. Choosing to buy a new home is not as difficult as it seems, but you must be consciously prepared to face this challenge, since it is one of the most important material assets in our capital and that must be chosen intelligently to future plans. There are different types of real estate that you can choose as a home, being the urban projects an excellent option which you should know especially in Panama.

What is an urban project?

It is a planning that will take all the works to be carried out for the execution of the construction of an urbanism. The urbanizations are defined as residential areas that are located outside of urban areas, these are constituted by houses very well built and with a rather peculiar design which will be unique in all homes.

These urban projects are preferred by the upper-middle class, because they usually find the perfect option as a new home, since they are usually private developments that have all the services and security systems that will maintain the well-being of all family.

How do I make the purchase?

It is very common that when buying in an urbanization or neighborhood you must cancel the initial one before the project is completed. In general, these projects take from six months to three years (depending on how big the entire infrastructure is) and in this period you can pay in comfortable installments part of the payment until the debt is totalized.

Benefits of buying in an urban project as a home:
– In Panama, this example of private homes offers recreational sites where you can enjoy with your family, such as swimming pools, sports games, a club for parties or events and parks for the little ones in the house.

– This prototype of projects are much more private, giving you the peace of mind that perhaps in other areas you will not receive, since the noise of the cars in the nearby streets will not affect you.

– Being a private residential complex, the entry of unauthorized persons is prohibited.

– If it is a new project, you will premiere each one of the areas made for urban planning, giving you that exclusive environment.

– Each of the houses has specific square meters, where the facades can not be modified many times in their entirety, but, in turn, this creates a balance for the harmony of design in urbanism.

There are many benefits of Purchase, Sale and Rent of Properties in Panama and more with a home in this type of project, since it offers all the comfort and exclusivity that few places promise. On the other hand, one aspect that we should always consider is the fixed monthly maintenance costs, which will depend on the footage of your home, but we assure you that every penny paid is worth it. This will include: maintenance of green areas, swimming pools, club and playgrounds.


When acquiring a new home in this type of housing it is vital that you read the regulations of the urbanization, each urban project has it and serves to maintain in harmony the coexistence between neighbors where it must obligatorily be fulfilled. Another aspect to take into account is public transport, since almost always these urban areas are very far from the city or the bus stop, so if you do not have a car of your own you should analyze your purchase.

At Metro Realty Panama we can offer you the best real estate advice so you can choose the perfect residential complex for your new dream home in Panama. Come and make your purchase with us!

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